How do You Envision Cent Fl

Central Florida is one of the
fastest growing regions in the nation.

How Do You Envision Central Florida?

Meet the team and learn how we envision the future of Central Florida

How do You Envision Cent Fl

Central Florida is one of the
fastest growing regions in the nation.

How Do You Envision Central Florida?

Meet the team and learn how we envision the future of Central Florida

We envision a Central Florida with increasing economic mobility.

Our leadership team works to keep Central Florida a thriving region that we can continue to call home by forming strategic partnerships that focus on providing necessary infrastructure which addresses the community needs of health, education, living and buildings spaces.

Luis Santos

"I envision the region will continue to attract domestic and international residents
because of its quality of living, housing prices, and growth of the healthcare industry."

-Luis Santos, President of SkyBuilders 4 All

Juan R. 2

"Hospitals, research facilities and related establishments focused on healthcare in Orlando will offer the prospect of employment to thousands of people in Central Florida and embody an ongoing diversification of our region’s economy."

-Juan Rodriguez, Vice President of SkyBuilders 4 All

Carissa Villa

"I envision Central Florida as a region that develops to meet the needs of its community members
with exceptional schools, strong neighborhoods, and access to state of the art healthcare facilities."

-Carissa Villa, Executive Director of SkyBuilders 4 All

Jenny Gallego

"I envision the region will continue to develop an economy with
conscience supporting business owners to make purpose-driven business. "

-Jenny Gallego, Board Member of SkyBuilders 4 All

Juan R. 1

"I promptly see Healthcare as being undoubtedly the fastest growing industry in Orlando. "

-Juan Rodriguez, Vice President of SkyBuilders 4 All

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A Word from Our Founders

Juan Velez and Marcela Restrepo

We are elated that our vision is now becoming a reality.

We have called Central Florida home for many years, raising our 3 children in Orange County. Through these years, we have always made it our responsibility to contribute to the Central Florida community, so it can continue to be a desirable region for people of all diversities to have a sense of security in their ability to thrive and obtain economic mobility.

Together, we have created a business, SkyBuilders USA, that has opened doors of employment for minorities and has allowed us to create lasting relationships. But we always had it in our hearts to create a nonprofit organization that would only further the impact of our reach in the community. This is why we are excited for the founding of SkyBuilders 4 All. We hope that you will take part in our vision for a future that meets the ongoing needs of our community.


Juan Velez and Marcela Restrepo

Our Staff

Carissa Villa

Executive Director

I am proud to call Central Florida home because of its cultural richness, community collaboration, and liveliness.

Carissa has been active in the nonprofit sector since 2009 including Social Director, Community Outreach, Grant Writer, Development Assistant, Fundraising and Special Events. She graduated from the University of North Georgia with a B.S. in Political Science and minor in English and has certificate in Nonprofit Management. She is currently working on her Master of Public Health to further educate, advocate, and develop policy that will promote healthy communities. 

Carissa recognized her life’s work would be one that creates meaningful impacts in the community.  She is honored to be the Executive Director for SkyBuilders 4 All and contribute to the development of Central Florida’s communities by creating meaningful partnerships that will provide economic mobility through education, health, careers, and living or building spaces.

Our Board Members

Luis Santos, J.D.


I am proud to call Central Florida home because of its diverse culture and openness to people of all backgrounds.

Luis graduated from Stetson University College of Law after working many years in hospitality management. As a lawyer, he continued his work helping companies in hospitality management and is co-chair of FordHarrison’s Restaurant Practice Group.

Luis is the son of migrant parents and the first in his family to attend college. Through his childhood experiences, Luis developed a great appreciation for hard work and an understanding of the importance of education.

Juan Rodriguez

Vice President

I am proud to call Central Florida home because of its diversity and inclusion.

Juan graduated from University of Sagrado Corazon with a degree in Communications and worked in Marketing, Sales, and Advertising for 8 years prior to moving the USA. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director of Bliss CARES, a nonprofit organization.

Juan is a native of Puerto Rico and for the past 15 years has worked diligently dedicating his life to the treatment, prevention and eradication of the AIDS epidemic to help many receive the necessary care and treatment they deserve.

Manuela Velez


I am proud to call Central Florida home because of its dynamic mix of people, ideas, and culture.

Manuela Velez graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science. She holds multiple certifications including her personal trainer certification from ACSM and a certificate in Human Biology from The University of Central Florida. It was through her degree program that she discovered her passion for preventative medicine. 

She is the owner and founder of Metatron Wellness where she can help others achieve a balanced lifestyle. Through Skybuilders 4 All, Manuela hopes to use her knowledge of health and wellness to better the community in any way she can. 

Jenny Gallego

Board Member

I am proud to call Central Florida home because we come together as residents, businesses, nonprofits and governments to recognize projects and initiatives that are shaping our future.

Ms. Gallego attended Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey. She is is the Florida Program Manager for the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund and owner of logistics company, Rapienvios. She is actively engaged in community betterment initiatives that address social and political issues that impact her community.

Ms. Gallego is a Colombian native. She worked for NBC-Universal Telemundo New York as a journalist in 2001. At  age 23, she won an Emmy for her role in the production of Primera Edicion. In 2006, she became one of the youngest national news anchors of Azteca America. Her writing and coverage of immigration issues translated to a double-digit rating increase. Since then, she continues to advocate immigration reform initiatives for immigrants like herself.  

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