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Jose is a disabled person who lacks the financial resources to keep his house safe. In 2020 we realized the conditions in which his home was. It needed complete reconstruction. The roof was collapsing, the house’s foundation was deteriorating, and many more problems the house presented. But in 2021, thanks to the work of many, José’s house has changed. It is observed that the floor, ceiling, walls, kitchen, room, and bathroom are new and habitable. Now he is happy to live in a house where he can move freely in his wheelchair around his new home.


Engelwood is an Orlando community where SkyBuilders 4 All has helped with meals for people in need, gift cards for food, and books to promote reading among the community’s children.


Skybuilder 4 All provided Francellis Padilla with a month’s rental assistance, utility gift card, and food card.



Skybuilders 4 helped Eliana Macuare with non-perishable food and a $ 50 gift card for refrigerator products. Also, he was given books for his daughter.