Founders, Juan and Marcela, volunteer in food distribution in Orlando, Florida.

Volunteering in local food drives

On Saturday, June 25, 2022, SkyBuilders 4 All founders, Juan Velez and Marcela Restrepo, joined other volunteers committed to helping their community members in a food drive held by Orange County Commissioner Mayra Uribe and Second Harvest Food Bank, along with other concerned businesses and organizations.

Volunteers began at 6:00 a.m. to set up the multiple stations for the food distribution. Before the food drive began, cars were already lining up in hope that they would be able to receive a box of food.

Out in the heat of a Florida summer, volunteers worked tirelessly to help all those seeking assistance understanding the great need.  In the end, it was meaningful to know that more than 600 families benefited from this single event.

However, this is only a temporary assistance because families continue to struggle with increased cost of living. It requires continued service to help vulnerable families in our communities. The ability to volunteer or donate to this cause is open to those who are willing to take action.

If you would like to participate as a volunteer in a future food drive or join our campaign to #endhunger for children, please reach out to us at or fill out our online volunteer for here. 

For more information on our efforts to end hunger visit us at 

Legal Assistance Brochures on Affordable Housing

Do you know your rights under Fair Housing Act?

On May 25, 2022, City of Orlando hosted a Fair Housing Training called “Pathing a Pathway to Fair Housing” for local community organizations and concerned citizens to understand individual’s rights under the Fair Housing Act. 

SkyBuilders 4 All’s Executive Director was in attendance to understand current rights and the different available resources for those who believe they have been discriminated against. Such discrimination can be based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, or familial status. 

The training discussed several possible situations which included special rights for those with disabilities who may have a right to improved parking spaces that accommodate their need. These circumstances would be called “Reasonable Accommodations.”  

Other examples include refusal to rent to families with children or those using Section 8 vouchers. It also includes discrimination purchasing homes, mortgages, insurance, and appraisals.

An interesting consideration is to which landlords does the Fair Housing Act apply to. Landlords who own 4 or more properties are required to abide by the act or face legal action. If they own less than 4, but they use a real estate agent or broker, they would also fall under the Fair Housing Act. 

To see a more complete list visit or to file a complaint visit

Join us to help end hunger

Help our Community in Food Drive

Our fight to end hunger continues in the summer because we understand that the need is greater when children are out of school. Last year we distributed more than 8,000 meals, and we hope that you will join us to meet this need. With higher rents, high fuel rates, and increasing food prices, families continue in their struggle to provide their families sufficient and nutritious food. 

You can join our efforts to help our children have access to food through the summer. 

  • Host a food drive
  • Drop off food at several partner locations
  • Provide monetary donations

To learn more on how you can help visit

When tragedy hits our nation’s schools, it causes anguish beyond the local community. These events can bring a range of emotion from sadness, disbelief, anger, and guilt. School children may feel fear and are unsure how to process what they have seen.

If you are unsure how to speak to your child, please refer to this guide “Talking to children about terrorist attacks and school and community shootings in the news” by National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement.

For more resources, visit, the website of the National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement (NCSCB), or contact the Center at 1-877-536-2722. For information on how to support children who are grieving, visit, the website of the Coalition to Support Grieving Students.

Jose is a disabled person who lacks the financial resources to keep his house in livable and safe conditions. We were contacted by local community members who were concerned for his well-being and could not find any assistance through government or local organizations.

SkyBuilders 4 All performed an inspection as the initial concern was the large hole in Jose’s floor which was extremely dangerous for and was difficuIt for him to use his wheelchair. Upon this visit, it was apparent that his home was very unsafe and he needed a complete rehabilitation.

The roof was collapsing, the house’s foundation was deteriorating, and among many other concerns. Thanks to the work of many, Jose was placed in hotel covered by a local church and led by Norberto Fonseca of Advance Senior Center. SkyBuilders USA and Rental n Depot provided laborers, materials, and heavy equipment.

Others provided electrical services, donated kitchen cabinets, shower tiles, and a bathroom sink. Now he is happy to live in a house where he can move freely in his wheelchair around his newly renovated home.

Engelwood is an Orlando community where SkyBuilders 4 All has made presence. Here, they have hosted reading literacy and financial literacy workshops. They have held health screenings to check blood pressure and refer to local medical clinics.

Most recently in December, SkyBuilders 4 All provided bags of food, emergency cash assistance, gift cards for food, and brand-new free books to promote reading among the community’s children during winter break.

Many community members continue to be impacted by by COVID-19, rapid inflation, and high-rising rental prices. Skybuilder 4 All provided Francelis Padilla with a rental assistance so she and her family could relocate to Polk County after her current residence in Kissimmee increased nearly 50%. She was also provided assistance to pay utilities and a gift card to purchase food.

 Unfortunately for many Orlando and Kissimmee residents, they must relocate to places that increase their work commute which is difficult with rising gas prices.

Skybuilders 4 All helped over 40 families affected by COVID-19 through winter break to ensure children had access to food while schools was not in session. One recipient, Eliana Macuare, was provided with non-perishable food and a $50 gift card to purchase perishable food items as part of the financial assistance grant award provide by Hispanic Federation. Her daughter was also provided with a new book to promote literacy in children.

Learn more on how you can help End Hunger here

SkyBuilders 4 All is grateful to be a recipient of grant provided by Hispanic Federation Nonprofit Emergency Assistance.

Through this, emergency assistance can be provided promptly to those who may be facing eviction, utility shut off, or lack of food.

While funds are available, you can apply at